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Exam Tactics

Buying and reading Exam Tactics is one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

Exam Tactics will help boost your exam performance by up to 10% - a grade or two – this could have a massive effect on the quality of your life.

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Few people like exams, but the fact is that exams, in one form or another, are an inescapable part of life.
Given you have to take exams, it makes sense to do as well as you possibly can. The purpose of this book is show you how. It will help you get more marks.  It is short partly, because it is not intended to add to your burdens, but also because there are actually relatively few things you need to do to significantly improve your results. Buying, reading and following its tips is probably one of the best investments you will ever make. 
Regardless of how good a student you are, Exam Tactics could help you raise your marks by up to 10%, possibly more. This can easily boost you up a grade or two.   Just this small improvement can have a massive effect on your future. It can influence what job you get, how much you get paid, and even contribute to how happy you will be in life. 

The fact is that most people fail to do themselves justice in exams because they do not use the right approach to secure the highest marksThe good news is that employing exam tactics will not necessarily require that you do more work. It will mean that you will work smarter, and crucially you will maximise the benefits from the work you do, and get better results than you otherwise would.

For many, Exam Tactics highlights simple, straight forward tips, but therein lies the problem. They are so obvious that they are often forgotten. Others, on reading its pages, will be struck by the thought that “if only they had known that earlier.” Either way this book serves its purpose.

It is said that exams are a chance to show how good you are. Harnessing exam tactics will enable you to do just that. Several factors will influence your performance on the day, but if you understand and apply exam tactics, then whatever the situation, you will have an advantage. Doing well in exams is a bit like playing a game or building a kit – if you follow the rules or read the instructions, your life will be easier, the results better.

Napoleon, once asked when considering an appointment, “I know he is a good general, but is he lucky?” To do really well in an exam you also need luck, but by using exam tactics you can help to make your own luck rather than just relying on chance. This book is written for my son, Cosmo. My aim is simple, to help him do as well as he can in his exams, but its message is applicable to all. By reading it, I hope you too can achieve the best possible results. 
Chris Prior
Oxford 2019

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